inbound marketing

How to use Inbound Marketing techniques to increase your sales funnel

Inbound Marketing, or attraction marketing, can be defined as a strategy that aims to attract potential customers through the creation and distribution of relevant and important content. Instead of interrupting people with intrusive ads, inbound marketing provides a positive, helpful experience for your target audience.    The sales funnel is a visual representation of the steps

attraction marketing for b2b companies

How can ASB’s inbound marketing for B2B companies help your business?

Attraction marketing for B2B companies, also known as Inbound Marketing, is a strategic marketing approach that aims to attract potential customers to the company, rather than disrupting their activities with invasive advertising or direct commercial messages.  Instead, inbound marketing involves creating educational and informative content that is relevant to the company’s target audience. This content

Online lead conversion

How to convert leads online?

With technological advancement, the way companies convert leads online has changed significantly. Currently, companies have a wide range of tools and technologies at their disposal to generate, track and convert leads online.  One of the major changes in lead generation is the emphasis on segmentation and personalization. With advanced data analytics and marketing automation technologies,