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How our process works

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

    We find leads according to your ideal customer profile (ICP) using databases and high technology.

  • Business Intelligence

    Using high technology, we carry out the lead qualification process and validate all data.

  • Email Cadence

    We create the best automated email flows to generate interest and convert potential customers and increase the conversion rate of your sales team.

  • Concrete Sales Opportunities

    Find customers who match your company’s profile and who are genuinely interested in closing a deal.


How to start a demand generation program

To design current strategies and set goals, draw on your past action conversion rate history. If it doesn’t exist, resort to benchmarking, looking for something customized for your company or updated reports from reliable sources.

Frame 10

Total expected revenue at the end of the program;

Frame 10

Number of sales needed to reach revenue;

Frame 10

Opportunities needed to achieve sales;

Frame 10

Sales Pipeline;

Frame 10

Number of SQL's to reach the opportunities;

Frame 10

Number of MQL's needed.


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