Partnership and know-how in inbound tactics and active prospecting

“SAP Concur was a new solution for the market and we still didn’t have a base or contacts of possible clients to work with. Also, being a new tool, we needed exponential growth in Brazil. In this sense, we identified the importance of having support to increase lead generation and impact the sales pipeline. As we talk every year about growing 40%, 50% or more, it is essential to increase the pipeline. Then, our biggest need was to generate revenue and consequently improve the sales pipeline. So we went in search of a partner.

The beginning of the conversation with ASB Marketing was based on this scenario to leverage the volume of leads for SAP Concur. The partnership between ASB Marketing and SAP Concur was based on the active prospecting methodology, which we later started to use. I was impacted by ASB’s cadence of emails, receiving the prospecting email just in time that I was looking for on how to grow lead generation volume. In other words, the process was already efficient.

During the implementation of the active prospecting strategy, we had a large volume of activities and, in order for the result to reach 100% of the expected, we had the support and integration of the services provided by ASB, which ranges from the generation of content to the activation of both inbound marketing (prospecting by attraction) and active prospecting. With this, the objective is that the process is carried out effectively.

Nowadays, the impact in pipeline volume and in the volume of leads that we started to generate based on the work developed in partnership is clear.”

Rodrigo Murad

Marketing Director at SAP Concur

Results achieved

Last year, pipeline volume increased by around 20% to 25% with ASB Marketing’s active prospecting methodology, compared to the previous period.

With the process carried out in partnership with ASB, we recorded a greater volume of leads generated and opportunities for the commercial area to work on, we maintained the quality of the pipeline and closed some opportunities. That is, the direct benefit was the increase in sales.

How do we achieve results at SAP Concur?

Digital strategy planning

We develop a complete digital marketing plan, involving the creation of personas for the marketing processes by attraction and active prospecting, the indication of educational materials (e-books, whitepapers, infographics), landing pages, marketing emails, nutrition flows , editorial calendar and other strategic outbound marketing actions.

Creation of strategic personas for the business

In all, two personas were created for the project, with greater focus on the financial profile, covering the most strategic segments for SAP Concur: retail, manufacturing/industry and consumer goods. We write blog content weekly for each one of them, focusing on reaching the pains, needs and challenges of this audience.

As a result, we achieved a significant increase in engagement, credibility and brand reputation, in addition to driving traffic to the website and generating better results through inbound (attraction marketing).

Digital content production

Our content development for the blog is weekly, with publications aimed at meeting the needs of the strategic personas for the business. For production, we rely on keyword analysis, which is reviewed every two months. SAP Concur has 4405 keywords, 168 of which are more strategic and ranked among the top 5 pages, 104 of them on the first page and 9 potential snippets for the financial persona, according to monthly searches, competitiveness, organic competition, paid competition and cost per click.

Based on this, we elaborate guidelines with adherence to the public and the company’s segment. The objective is to increase the conversion of website visitors and bring leads in an organic and natural way through contact forms, educational materials and newsletter.

Social Engagement

We develop original and relevant content for LinkedIn, a professional social network, partner Rodrigo Murad, Ricardo Kazuo and the commercial team, in order to generate value for your audience, expanding engagement, the contact base and creating relationships with potential customers. We also created Pulse on LinkedIn, which are short articles to encourage engagement.

Data analysis and delivery of monthly reports

At the end of each month, we deliver a report to the client with the main results for the period, listing the actions taken and the next demands that will be delivered in the following month. In addition, according to the data analysis, we added recommendations for new strategies to achieve the expected results.

Demand Generation

Every week, we prospect 100 qualified leads in big data (400 in the month), based on predefined personas from the client’s directions.

From February to December 2019, we generated a 20% to 25% increase in revenue for SAP Concur, which was due to opportunities generated in the active prospecting process.


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