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Main goal – Generate quality leads quickly and efficiently.

Recurring activities:

  • Create the weekly lists of active prospecting customers.
  • Format the lists.
  • Validate the contact data in the generated lists.
  • Adjust the name of the contacts, the company name, and the job title.
  • Review all the data in the lists, column by column, to avoid errors and incorrect information.
  • Ensure that the data on the included lists is complete before sending to an account manager to make the last validation before sending to the customer.
  • Report weekly on the activities.
  • Update Asana online and daily [maintain task status, perform a completion, make appropriate comments, and leave a data card always up to date.

Points of attention:

  • Deliver the weekly / monthly quantity of contacts according to the scope of each client.
  • Keep deliveries on schedule.
  • Know the customers, their solutions, and personas in depth.

Special activities on demand:

  • Search for contacts based on company lists that customers send.
  • Seek specific contacts for ABM actions and marketing campaigns.

Proficiency in the platforms and tools:

Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Reev and Google Drive.

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