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Inbound Marketing Specialist

Main Objective – Serve clients in a consultative way and create strategies focused on results and value generation.


  • Attending to customers on a daily basis via various communication channels, with regular meetings and calls;
  • Keep deliveries on schedule with customers;
  • Create and manage the tasks sent to the creative team according to each client’s priorities;
  • Assemble the digital planning for new clients and revise it whenever necessary;
  • Analyzing and generating insights from data, supporting customer decisions, and identifying patterns of user behavior from their interactions with digital platforms and websites;
  • Create, update client and agency databases for operational efficiency throughout the reporting and dashboarding process;;
  • Produce recommendations and insights based on data, in order to optimize the KPIs of advertising actions


  • Bachelor’s degree in social communication, advertising & propaganda, marketing, journalism or public relations;
  • Proven experience in customer service and digital marketing;
  • Ability to write, interpret text and analyze data in Portuguese and English;
  • Knowledge in Inbound techniques;
  • Have good interpersonal and communication skills with customers, internal staff and partners in video, telephone, e-mail and face-to-face meetings;
  • Knowledge in SEO techniques for digital content
  • Mastery of metrics, KPIs, A/B testing


  • Technical and practical knowledge in Inbound;
  • Certifications or courses in Digital Marketing;
  • Knowledge of the ASANA platform.

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Especialista em Inbound

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